im car! catboy artist and monster lover
character design and illustration

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commission status: open

other forms of commissions not listed will be announced on my twitter
i generally do not show WIP for commissions unless specifically requested. since custom pieces are 100% artistic freedom you will see the product once its finished

most commission types will be requested via google forms, higher priced custom designs will have a separate google forms to fill out.if i deem something to be more detailed there will be an upcharge (additional characters, highly detailed weapons/outfits etc). i will have sections categorized and laid out in the invoice.invoices will be sent out through paypal and you will have 10 days to fulfill it in full, otherwise i will not start on your commission.all commissions are for personal, non commercial use ONLY. custom charms are not meant to be mass distributed for financial gain of the patron. i retain rights to all the work i produce, which includes posting on social media and using it in my portfolio. most of my designs are 100% artistic freedom which means i will NOT be sending wip unless specifically requested and paying for the invoice means you consent to this form of commission.you may post with credit to the artist.while i have a fairly fast turnaround i will let you know in the invoice/DMs if it may take longer due to commission queues/personal events that may prevent me from finishing in my usual timeframe.if for any reason you need to request a refund i will provide, however, i prefer if we communicate on it.THE USE OF MY ART FOR NFT/AI/AI TRAINING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

NSFW commissions
status: open

nsfw twitter/bsky: bimbobeast

NSFW alts of my SFW custom month fashion designs are open:
. SFW commissions are available on my vgen

$70 USD

$40 single/$60 couple
suggestive/full nudity/pin up style available

monochrome color
$60 single/$80 couple
suggestive/full nudity/pin up style available

knots for thought
for teratophiliacs, omegaverse and queerness
i design non binary left beef dick n balls/pussy for monster/unconventional characters (not limited to masc-identifying characters)
. full color, can add an unsheathed diagram at request

general information
. by sending a request you are confirming that you are over the age of 18
. i reserve the right to turn down or reject submissions by my own discretion
. i am queer and most of the R18 content i create centers around sexuality and identity
PLEASE NOTE: THERE MIGHT BE AN UPCHARGE WITH MORE COMPLEX THEMES (armor, detailed character design etc)payments are through paypal invoice, upfront
you will have 2 days to fulfill the payment, if not fulfilled the commission is null and void
after sketches are sent refunds are not accepted
turnaround is an average of 3-7 days but may take upwards of a month due to personal/work circumstances
for personal use ONLY
use for NFTs/feeding AIs strictly prohibited


full mecha
real people
extreme gore/violence
zoo/real animal feral

while im open to do various themes id really like to focus on trans/gnc bodies and monster pairings if possibleif you have any questions or concerns you can email me at [email protected]